Would I be correct to think that you don’t need any more unusable information dumped on you, any more how-to’s, any more free ebooks? And that what you are looking for is a true Transformation with a capital T?

One-to-one coaching for results with Alina
You are in the right place! One-to-one coaching sessions provide the best opportunity to fully focus on your own circumstances. Together we implement your next best steps towards the Transformation on the path to your goals and dreams. I hold space for you to pause and re-assess your current position, consider your existing options and re-evaluate. Whether you need to slow down, re-gain your balance or get onto the fast lane to your goals and dreams, you will receive an uninterrupted attention.

Your aim:
As Einstein said: ‘Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them’. Therefore what is needed is a Transformation with a capital T! In order to enable it, we need a couple of factors to be in place, which are captured in the formula below:


The formula de-coded: (Me Plus You) Less Excuses = Transformation

Me: What you get from me is:
– My full commitment to your Transformation,
– Uninterrupted attention to you no matter what,
– Unquestionable confidence in you and your abilities,
– Paving the path for your Transformation with a capital T.

You: What I need from you is:
– Your full commitment to your very own Transformation,
– Hanger for change, hanger for more,
– Full readiness to do whatever it takes to transform,
– Willingness to move onto the next natural stage for you,
– Full responsibility for delivering agreed assignments on time.

Excuses: What you can park in a far-away parking space is:
– Excuses,
– Victimhood,
– Procrastination,
– Your Internal Donkey.

Working one-on-one with Alina you will:
– assess the existing position and understand anything holding you back,
– implement most effective strategies to break through current obstacles,
– recognise and capitalise on your strengths and opportunities,
– obtain clarity of what you want and what you don’t want,
– awaken the go-getter inside of you,
– maximise the use of your time and energy for meaningful pursuits,
– integrate your values, goals, mission and legacy into your daily activities,
– get the ball rolling and undertake regular progress measurement.

You should expect a homework assignment after each session, which needs to be completed before the next coaching session taking place.

How to get started?
To sign up to a free introductory coaching session click here. To browse and purchase a coaching session of your choice, click here.

Coaching sessions terms:
1. All payments are non-refundable.
2. All purchased sessions can be spread over the course of one year from the
date of purchase.
3. Coaching sessions are delivered via skype or in-person, depending on the chosen option.
4. The initial, one-off, free coaching session lasts 30 minutes. All other coaching sessions last 60 minutes.
5. A set of initial coaching forms/tests are required to be completed at least 24 hours before the coaching session takes place.
6. A free, on-off session is required before the commencement of a coaching relationship.
7. Client’s skype nickname is required to be provided at least 24 hours before the session commencement.
8. The Client is required to become connected with Alina on skype at least 24 hours before the session commencement.
9. Slot changes/amendments must be requested in writing via email: not later than 24 hours before the session commencement.
10. No-show situations will be treated as lost sessions.

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