3 Skype Sessions




Three skype sessions
Three one-hour long, one-to-one skype coaching sessions  where we focus on the area of your life, which needs to be transformed.

Your aim:
As Einstein said: ‘Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them’. Therefore what is needed is a Transformation with a capital T! In order to enable it, we need a couple of factors to be in place, which are captured in the formula below:


The formula de-coded: (Me Plus You) Less Excuses = Transformation

What you get from me is:
– My full commitment to your transformation,
– Uninterrupted attention to you no matter what,
– Unquestionable confidence in you and your abilities,
– Paving the path for your Transformation with a capital T.

What I need from you is:
– Your full commitment to your very own Transformation,
– Hanger for change, hanger for more,
– Full readiness to do whatever it takes to transform,
– Willingness to move onto the next natural stage for you,
– Full responsibility for delivering agreed assignments on time.

What you can park in a far away parking space is:
– Excuses,
– Victimhood,
– Procrastination,
– Your Internal Donkey.

The programme is for anyone who:
– Is ready to take charge of their life,
– Is fed up with the status quo and wants to rock,
– Wants to become the best possible version of themselves,
– Doesn’t believe that where you have gotten to is all there is for you,
– Wants to be able to face significant life decisions or major turning points and push through them like there’s no tomorrow,
– Needs a kick or two to help them in staying on track with their goals and dreams.

The programme is not for you if you:
– Are afraid of change,
– Are happy with who you are today and want to stay this way,
– Are satisfied with where you got to and have no appetite for more,
– Believe to those who tell you that your goals and dreams are unachievable,
– Prefer to leave all the abundance and wealth of this universe to whose who think they can have it all.

We can concentrate on various areas, such as:
– your professional or private matters,
– getting unstuck to move on in your chosen direction,
– dealing with a burnout and re-gaining work-life balance,
– solving any matters/problems/issues/challenges,
– changing your life for the better,
– handling past hurts, emotional pains, difficult events,
– increasing your potential for achieving your goals,
– helping you in building healthy boundaries and assertive behaviours,
– handling your limiting beliefs and replacing them with healthy ones,
– making decisions in order to resolve external or inner conflicts,
– other areas, matters, issues or challenges where you need support.

Before the first coaching session:
– We meet for an intro skype session for 30 minutes (free of charge),
– You complete a New Client Form (2-3 minutes),
– You complete a few short tests – links will be provided to you.

You will be given an assignment for you to deliver before the session.

Sessions: One
Duration: 60 minutes.
Location: Skype.
Availability: evenings and weekends.
Terms&Conditions: see detailed T&C here.
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